Our CPD attendance tracking software and scanners makes it real easy to track attendance per session and then create attendance certificates which are emailed to attendees. Perfect for issuing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points to your conference attendees.

CPD attendance tracking scanner

Barcode Scanning

Dedicated scanners are the ideal solution when you need to scan users in quick succession as they’re faster than using a mobile device’s internal camera. Our advanced mobile scanners have CMOS sensors that can scan a host of different barcodes which includes QR codes. It can identify barcodes from paper and screen. Furthermore, these scanners can be used to scan to mobile devices via wireless connection or on it’s internal memory for upload at a later stage. 

Barcoded name badges

In order to track attendance you need to create a unique bar code per attendee. Attendees can register via our online registration software or you can choose to import a list of your own attendees. Our system then generates barcoded name badges that can be printed in bulk, or you can ask attendees to save or print a copy of their barcoded confirmations. 

Attendance reports

Our scanning application allows you to pre-configure the sessions you would like to record attendance for. You can allocate points for each session which are then awarded to each scanned attendee. Our system generates detailed attendance reports per session which can be exported to a spreadsheet application. You also have the option of generating individual CPD attendance certificates which can be emailed to attendees.

CPD certificates

Our system generates a detailed CPD attendance certificate for each attendee. This summarizes all the sessions that were scanned per attendee with the associated points earned. The CPD certificates are fully customizable with your logo, accreditation numbers, and signature. You can generate a PDF certificate for each attendee and these can be emailed to all attendees in bulk. 

CPD attendance tracking demo

Please have a look at the below video for a quick guide and walk-through to our attendance tracing software.

Need to track attendance?

We have written guidelines for planning an event where you need to track attendance. Please click here to access. 


Hosting an online CPD course?

Through our partnership with Stellenbosch University institutions, we’ve developed a CPD online learning solution which allows members to complete various online courses and earn CPD points.