Virtual conferences allows you to engage your attendees through online presentations and various interactive tools. Our virtual conference software is the ideal solution to connect with an increased and global audience.

Virtual Conference Software

Live presentations

It's real easy to create online webinars where multiple presenters can interact with their audience.

Increased attendance

You will be able to reach a much larger audience as attendees are not bound by travel and cost restrictions of physical events.

Cost effective

You can dramatically reduce your overheads through savings on catering, audio and video, venue and equipment hire, insurance, etc.

CPD attendance tracking

With our virtual conference software you can easily track the engagement of your attendees and issue CPD certificates.

Interact with presenters

Virtual conference software makes events highly engaging through interactive tools like live chat, polls and surveys, Q&A, and break out rooms.

On-demand recordings

The presentations can be recorded so that it can be made available to your audience for viewing at any time after the event.

How it Works

We can create a full virtual experience for your conference attendees. Just email all your content to us and we take care of the rest!

Our basic work flow for a virtual event are as follows:

  1. Design and build conference website: includes domain registration, security certificate and populating all your content.
  2. Build online registration form: this is a branded registration form integrated with our secure payment facility. Advanced attendee management features.
  3. Create all your online sessions: the online sessions can be in the form of live or pre-recorded webinars or live streaming.
  4. Create programme schedule: the schedule will have direct links to the virtual conference sessions.
  5. Attendee access control: attendees will only gain access to the items they registered for and we communicate the instructions for how to access the virtual sessions.
  6. Sponsors and Exhibitors: we can create sponsor and exhibition pages where attendees can interact and gain insight into the services offered.
  7. Attendance reporting: our virtual conference software allows the creation of attendance reports and CPD certificates based on the items attendees signed into.



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