Our mobile map makes it real easy to scan attendees per session and then create attendance certificates which are emailed to attendees.  Perfect for issuing CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points to your attendees.


Barcode Scanning

Our advanced mobile scanners have CMOS sensors that can scan a host of different barcodes which includes QR codes. It can identify barcodes from paper and screen. Furthermore, these scanners can be used to scan to mobile devices, via wireless connection or on it’s internal memory for upload at a later stage.

Bar coded name badges

In order to track attendance of sessions you would need to create a unique bar code per delegate. Our event management software can generate and print QR codes on name badges. These name badges can be printed in bulk or individually at your conference.

Attendance reports

We can assist you in generating attendance reports from the scanned barcodes. Our software allows importing scanned results per session in order to generate and distribute conference attendance certificates. Perfect for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

Rental services

We offer our scanners to rent and can assist you with generating bar coded name badges and generating attendance reports. Contact us should your require a formal quotation.